lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Final Project


Juan: Hello!
Manuel: Hello! how are you?
Juan: Good and you?
Manuel: Go to a party today?
Juan: No, go out with my family
Manuel: We will be good
Juan: Okay good we?

Argentina: Temperature, clothing and activities

I like Argentina

Buenos Aires - Argentina

seasonal climate in Buenos Aires:
In winter the maximum temperature is 18 ° C, the warmest month is June and July is the coldest month, it is usually sunny.


You should wear in winter:

·Closed shoes

You should not wear in winter:


Activities in winter:


Ice skating

Titanic - Celine Dion

This song is beautiful, shows the meaning of love and shows how beautiful it is falling in love, and that even in the distance two people can love each other with passion, and even in death he will continue loving and remembered for his great love ..

Help for your reflection

1. Spanish
2. English

domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Final Project

My Ideal Vacation!


I would like to go to Apure, because I like the tradition of that city, I love its climate and flat, I would go with my girlfriend to spend every evening listening to musicdancing joropo llanera eating meat on a stick and riding horses.